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Wild arena” (RunesCape)

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

web games are popular in North America,(Runescape Gold) the name of the game “RuneScape” in the Yahoo 07 years ranked the top ten key words 7.
iResearch IResearch Company under recently published data processing show that in February 2008 the global online gaming market is still the biggest winner of Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft”, accounting for 62.3% market share, far ahead of other game. Although the “World of Warcraft” obvious advantages, but in this list of the most striking is ranked second by the JagexLTD. Development of the web game “RuneScape”, accounting for 6.9%.
“RuneScape” is the only game to squeeze into the top three a page, the strength can be said can not be underestimated, although not encouraged prop trading, but the game currency (RuneScapegold) and the game account (runescapeaccounts) or have a certain flow value .
Funny – “Wild World” RuneScape Introduction.
According to information, “RuneScape” is jagexLTD the development of a true online web JAVA games, the game is in English, a small number of players in China, no Chinese version of the current game client without a separate download, if the computer did not install java control , the initial landing the game, will be prompted to install the java control.
It has distributed more than 170 servers around the world, most of them in the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia and other countries, so their biological clock is the opposite of us Oh, it claims to be an average of 50W people simultaneously online, and now online to 123,017 people, that it still has some figures released credibility.
Is not very curious, what is the charm of it in the end so many players into the player and even gold to its embrace of it? It is popular with our internal web games now What is the difference be? .
It has a unique user of a thoughtful design should not overlook this point, in fact, many times, can be highlighted in detail the intimate game designers, allowing the player more viscous. Character design of its interface may not be all good, but its effect is very good 3D design, from top to bottom left and right arrow keys to control, are interested can try, the feeling is very similar with the World of Warcraft. Background music is always praised by the player, and it instantly shows you a map of mistake you’re playing online games, not just the one page game.
Funny – “Wild World” RuneScape Introduction.
Second, it is to develop + leveling + magic system is the theme of the ancient medieval times, in addition to using the sword (fighting) and the bow (ranged), there is also magic (magic), and God’s help (prayer). Runescape players rely mainly on fighting, * for assistance. Runescape In addition to the fighting, there are also * skills, mainly used to manufacture objects, such as smithing (mainly used to manufacture metal products), crafting (manufacturing clothes, clay things, jewelry, etc., paying members have more on this edition side of things), mining (mining, and smithing are closely related), cooking (cooking, used to make food, the higher the level, types of food can be made more). In Runescape, in the food after the injury is to “pay back” hitpoint’s. fishing is a major source of food, because fish can be cooked before consumption, so closely related, and cooking. woodcutting (logging) and the fire *****( fire) is not important skills. Paying members edition woodcutting in the more important because there are many special trees, which is of no use in freegame. There are post game equipment rental heart function (rentrunescapeitem) for those without advanced equipment, players can also have a fun. Paying members have the skills: Agility (agility) can make the players had not passed through a number of places. The herblaw (manufacturing syrup) is creating some medicine to temporarily increase the player’s combat effectiveness. Fletching arrows is to create the technology. Although the free version, players can also use bows and arrows, but the version in paying members, more style bow and arrow. The last one is thieving (stealing). In addition to stealing, but also can be used to lift the number of traps and locked the door opened.
It has powerful friends the three systems may be identified with you friends it is not the same system. When you enter the time, is more conducive to randomly assigned to the speed of your game server. Today you may be in Canada tomorrow in the UK. But no matter which server you from landing, showing a friend system, you can be on the server and its 159 players on any server, add as a friend, including a member server.
It has a vivid expression of four systems to the author, its expression systems can be comparable to the expression system of World of Warcraft, of course, is also a need to reach a certain level you can see.
V. It has TheGrandExchange consignment of goods is a game system TheGrandExchange independent trading system, members and non-members can be used, focusing on all the servers it connects, you can and people do business. This system is similar to rubbing stock trading system, buyers and sellers do not need to meet, all transactions are done automatically, with the market fluctuations in commodity prices,(runescape money) once the transaction can not go back …