Combat Introduction in Runescape

Combat is probably the biggest and most widely trained of all the skills in Runescape, it’s a very useful skill. This guide will help explain and familiar set of skills, our ability to know what you fight. These skills play an important role in RuneScape. They are the focus of many mini-games and quests, and a big source of money and items for players. Without combat, how else would you be able to slay dragons, if you didn’t know how to fight?
This guide will go generally over combat, it will mainly focus on the melee aspect of it but will give a quick overview of Magic, Ranged and Prayer. To learn more about them, visit our skill guides section.
Combat Level(Runescape powerleveling) and Combat Skills

Your combat level is an important thing in RuneScape, it can determine who you can and cannot attack in the Wilderness and it can gain/lose you respect among the community of players. The lowest combat level(Runescape Gold) is 3. The highest is 126 in F2P and 138 in P2P, at level 99 in all of the combat skills.
Level Range / Colours

Other characters, when you move the cursor to them, a name, a level, a color. This level is the higher the level of their operations, it is more effective against these people will do better, they are in combat. The colour is how much higher/lower combat level they are. As a level approaches your level, it becomes more yellow. A person that’s just lower than you would be a yellow-green colour; someone just higher would be an orange. Anyone less than 7 combat levels of your character will show up as a light green, anyone higher than 7 levels is a dark red. If someone is your level, they are a yellow.

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