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Wu Lin Chuan of swords arena record

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

How to create epic? First, learn skills to NPC Arts Department, the money can put all the skills learned are points up, then left -8-6– click on skill learning, manufacturing and equipment you need, if you need another job manufacturing and processing state level the hidden weapon, that supplies relatively small. Then go to 6, then Click to learn new arts skills, want to make skills upgrading, will create six to manufacturing equipment, and empathy to the 11 to 11 can build the equipment manufacturer. To build 20 will not be able to continue learning, the need to gang business there with the resident contribution to help buy a 30,40-level to help create a tribute book. 2. Main task of how we can quickly finish the upgrade? Although I found the drunk Daguai lakes with little experience, but the experience of doing activities of the task is indeed very impressive, as Wenzel world, Wudang Brush strange, run rings, the door division ring run tasks, etc., if the day’s activities are done to upgrade the basic task do not have to worry about. 3. Run business how to complete the task? In fact, it means there from the merchant and then to other cities, buy low sell high, on the Friends of Friends do not know many businessmen run business the price will be regularly updated, each time the price will have a great change, Friends of the faithful take the time to wait for the price of the refresh. 4. How to make money? Friends of the faithful when the eggs hit the pet is best not to throw away, because the task of running rings pets often need to use colored eggs, the price was quite considerable. Another example is the way to see the material when there is time to collect, in addition to selling materials also rose collection level, which is fully staffed. The prevalence of drunken rage wind arena, but also aroused the wisdom of the storm, we work together to launch a 3G network of life the brain think the majority of these games GGMM Raiders want to help. Days to kill is the most mysterious rivers and lakes on a killer organization. High price charged for someone else to kill. Nie is one member who was trained as a killer. One day, he ordered the assassination in the east of Suzhou Jiangnan heroes – Murong words, he was wounded Murong words, fainted outside the city of Suzhou Wu Village in the next, but fortunately was saved by the village girls Amanda, a few days later, After Amanda’s father, the old man’s treatment of Sun. Nie recovery where the injury gradually, but severe internal injuries, Nie in this small village where one lives is 3 months. One day, do not know that to occupy a group of thieves in a cave outside the Village, often harassing the village. NIE order to repay the villagers who, to go get rid of them. After fighting to get rid of this gang who Nie thieves, and find half of the Yi Jin Jing. Nie Where am surprised how this gang of robbers who have returned to the village temple of his secrets and found the old man and Amanda Sun was gone, leaving a letter on the table. Nie Where the inn to Suzhou to find a man called Zheng Yang. Nie inn where he was told to the city of Suzhou, there is no owner of sheep named Zheng He, a circle in the city after the accident to the word found in southern heroes Murong one person alone quietly into the town hall of Suzhou. Nie Murong who wondered why the word and the official with who will secretly sneaked into Suzhou Fuya avoid to keep secret Road were later [Yamen door to go right, went to the wall, can dodge by 3 jumped into the Yamen].Runescape Gold Murong hear the word of dialogue is with a thief. Murong bought the original word to a group of thieves stole Shaolin Yi Jin Jing, the thieves not do martial arts, but in one dig came from the Western Regions and the Ecstasy Hong Zoroastrianism different magic. It is with these two, even in the master of the Shaolin Temple in the clouds to steal the treasures of the temple town of Yi Jin Jing. Murong word fear Leak, even bribed official to be murdered on behalf of local administrative officials, the leader of the thieves Fortunately, well prepared, the Yi Jin Jing in half and half to the custody of deputy chiefs, is to be found where Nie that half of this, the other to their friends back to the Western Regions, a Zoroastrian Zongtan. The chief detained Murong word will be asked by the book up and daily whereabouts. Murong words left until after the NIE who enter the secret room, killing the guard and learned that half of the whereabouts of the classics. Nie who left the town hall of a rest after the decision back to the inn one night do intend to, so when he came to the inn inn boss told him that someone left him a letter pad, so he went to a residence south of the city to find him. Zheng Yang is signed. Nie who immediately rushed to a residence south of the city can be looked as he opened the door, they found a man down in a pool of blood, the chest has left a deep, narrow wounds. Nie ramp where the body was discovered in the left hand pointing to the wall a painting, landscape painting is a re-test of memory points, and only careful observation of landscape, try a few will succeed, of course, there is not a way to approach the two phones simultaneously this off, as a re-do a comparison, the survey found that painting on the back of the Shaolin Temple is a hidden underground passage with the map, the door to invite the world to the Shaolin Temple decent heroes, Evil Fire Worship in the Western Regions to discuss the matter. Nie find out who decided the whole thing on the ins and outs of Shaolin who came Shaoshi Shan Nie found that the garrison at the foot of a very strict, no battle in the main entrance were not allowed to enter, so indicated in accordance with the map of the mountain came to sneak into the secret passages into the Shaolin [before entering the Chamber of Secrets break the lock of a yin and yang, yin and yang of landscape re-lock the front than the much simpler, is to click on a box rule, square grid of yin and yang will be converted, Yin Xie Yang, yin yang change, we should map all the boxes into the yin or yang can break in order to enter the Chamber of Secrets Wild World “became the word from the special significance of Jin Yong. Thirty-six novels Road to make all rivers and lakes. In fact, nothing more than sum up includes several elements: the powers, rights, sectarianism, kill or be killed, love or hatred, religion. Up to now, Hong Kong, rivers and lakes are still, but packaging has changed. Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung’s rivers and lakes, is a microcosm of life, many people. youth, very vigorous, but that is the general street bully, abuse of a life, to a bit, take of a melon to kill. There Damon and Pythias friend (Jacky Cheung), although timid and useless, but loyal and sincere, as Andy Lau, a remnant of the right hand, has since been called the “left-handed brother.” love is simple bigotry, pumping life and death, die before the signing of a night, pumping in Apple girl, fell in love with her, an unruly young prostitutes. and his age, like the blind, there is no reason to love. Film nothing new in this part, all previous Hong Kong films of the leftovers. (so I generally do not the Air Hong Kong films, but since the last regional managers meeting, a director of the film refer to the contents inside to his courses, which I have this became interested in film.) in two adult, things began to change. young and reckless Andy Lau became calm restrained, the left has become a brutal dehumanizing people. two of the other’s behavior increasingly dissatisfied and gradually intrigue. The most wonderful scene, the two brothers opened their own to eat western food hall, two proud people, are reluctant to take men, alone to face each other. reminisced the beginning is, when the screen color is warm and thick oil color , Andy Green to wear the traditional deep fat suit, silk shirt with his left hand is green and flowers purple velvet leisure suit. an anger and Granville, a frivolous flashes. subject to key Office, left angry, will sweep the floor food on the table to Liu roar:runescape money “how do you, and that anger is gone, how to do Big Brother? “Andy frowned:” Game is not so fun, the family maid did not listen, teach myself, taught not listen to scare myself, no longer useful to kill one myself, the saying goes, set an example it! “Still not satisfied with his left hand:” I am single, I am not afraid! “Liu immediately called my wife, asked the left hand:” You are mother, right? “Left hand came to realize that the mother has been gone Mob Sister Liu received. The situation changes immediately, left eye gradually becomes pernicious lack of momentum, and then guilty, then put away feelings that compromise … …. On the street caught on Andy Lau from the set of the famous “Management of paragraphs.” often heard such as: “the game play is not the case, do not kill the whole family at every turn. “Or:” Do not listen to teach, taught not to listen to scare, and then not to kill one another! “Hong Kong’s commercial films, has always been the representative of fast-food culture, from Stephen Chow’s” Westward Journey “to the recent” Infernal Affairs “, including the film” Wild World “, there is always some classic dialogue pop up, be happy Jinjin Road. but also the values ​​of modern plays a subtle role. In addition to the unique narrative technique, I personally do not like the show arena. from the “Infernal Affairs”, the Hong Kong gangster film of the gangster movie and a turning point, from the original story, the characters personality, action scenes to win over the pursuit of development to the present suspense, excessive pursuit of technical perfection of such a dead end go. people have to worry about such a commercial film can go far? there is an interesting phenomenon, flooding in the colonial culture, the English and the vernacular as the official language of Hong Kong, suddenly talk in culture, “Infernal Affairs” is a religious play, “Wild” than it deep, actually ferreted out, “Chuang Tzu” to bluffing, do not how many compatriots in Hong Kong Nengkanmingbai start of the film difficult to understand the classical period. visible Director has narcissistic tendencies, not for making entertaining the general public can not slow connection, but to tell you that he is literate. It is said that rivers and lakes screenwriter and director are the only 22,23-year-old younger generation, in addition to outside Houshengkewei sigh, I vaguely bit worried, if described in the rivers and lakes, is the age of universal human values, these younger new people, going? Gu in his novels begins asked: “End of the World far? “The answer is:” End of the World is not far away, because the people in the horizon, horizon How much? “Same reason, rivers and lakes is everyone’s rivers and lakes, on the triad is that for the ancient warrior, too, the real life of ordinary people is – who can say life, the workplace is not what we caught one of the lakes?” left hand man “of the life skills course, as a negative example to the negative, that can be set whether Andy should be pushed by extension? to see this film, many people hear the dialogue Liu and his left hand, are issued will heart smile, this smile of “with my heart again” means, it means a little enlightened. even been said, it can be to use management system.

Combat Introduction in Runescape

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Combat is probably the biggest and most widely trained of all the skills in Runescape, it’s a very useful skill. This guide will help explain and familiar set of skills, our ability to know what you fight. These skills play an important role in RuneScape. They are the focus of many mini-games and quests, and a big source of money and items for players. Without combat, how else would you be able to slay dragons, if you didn’t know how to fight?
This guide will go generally over combat, it will mainly focus on the melee aspect of it but will give a quick overview of Magic, Ranged and Prayer. To learn more about them, visit our skill guides section.
Combat Level(Runescape powerleveling) and Combat Skills

Your combat level is an important thing in RuneScape, it can determine who you can and cannot attack in the Wilderness and it can gain/lose you respect among the community of players. The lowest combat level(Runescape Gold) is 3. The highest is 126 in F2P and 138 in P2P, at level 99 in all of the combat skills.
Level Range / Colours

Other characters, when you move the cursor to them, a name, a level, a color. This level is the higher the level of their operations, it is more effective against these people will do better, they are in combat. The colour is how much higher/lower combat level they are. As a level approaches your level, it becomes more yellow. A person that’s just lower than you would be a yellow-green colour; someone just higher would be an orange. Anyone less than 7 combat levels of your character will show up as a light green, anyone higher than 7 levels is a dark red. If someone is your level, they are a yellow.