Weapon Types of Runescape(1)

To increase your character’s combat efficiency, you must be able to weild and use better weapons. As the quality of the metal improves, weapons require a higher attack level(Runescape powerleveling) to use. Some weapons are faster than others, some have different attack styles, and some hit harder than others. You might, if you’re a member, be able to get a weapon with a special attack on it, an attack that does a special effect, like hitting twice or increased damage. It is important that you know what the differences are between weapons, and their different attributes and specialties.
Dagger Stab, Slash 

The dagger is the fastest melee weapon in Runescape, at the cost of power. Members can poison daggers and thus make them more effective.

Hatchet Slash, Crush 

The hatchet is mainly used in woodcutting, but can be used as a weapon(Runescape Gold) if need be. It is slower than a dagger but is a little bit more powerful.
Mace Stab, Crush
The mace has the same speed of a hatchet and has about the same power. Maces, however, have a bonus to prayer and can be decent in some situations. The dragon mace is better than normal since it has a special attack which increases the damage dealt by quite a bit. Maces have a “controlled” attack style.

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