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Runescape money more save points it first

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Unless in bottomless According to the above example I want to say, it is important to watch and judgment, rather than by wager luck. One to three, I often use method is ready to 4% PF and literally what PF, cushion with the latter to try rule, rule over a period of time there will be two to three times repetitive. For example ShuiGe three hard, that someone can say him only this time close three difficult maybe a days he found there are not so hard, close 2 difficult or other difficult. Which are simple, want to observe and judgment, time place the different synthesis character success rate is different. Finally close four recommend you 4% of the direct mat rubbish, so save time, generally hard also more than ten. For now I close four, successful timesOn my own experience playing the game right sword arena OW: 1, money Dafa: Now what most fire – charge dart, seemingly comparing pay any more money here, this game is the same, hehe. No one up in the Xinshoucun 2 hours to rise to the 10 level, choose the right path and Magic Way of the martial art, martial total of 10 camps, and other practitioners to the 15’s when you can go to charge dart, and the right path in Taiyuan Jin Hu Escort , Magic the Yangyang Heroes Hall, dart is 40 times bet per round, and can be repeatedly done, ha ha … … 40 times if you keep your finish, it quickly can become a millionaire friends; 2, the door division task: 10 after there can be brought to the task master, the door division to do more tasks can benefit, is double the daily experience of the first two rounds and silver, so the door every day is essential for two rounds of division, not only have experience doing door division , took silver, maybe even made the master pleased to give you piece of equipment; 3, kill pirates tasks: Runescape Gold12, when you can serve the country, and can go to get down on pirates there Qijia Jun Lieutenant task, but would like to receive each of the task is not individual lines, the people need the help, that help people believe, that this letter to the Qijia Jun lieutenant what he will tell you to kill off one of the pirates, the experience is quite extensive, and can hit a lot of equipment and articles; 4, gang task: the task can be gang experience and money, but only experience and no double trade-off martial tasks, all games in the main fact to recruit heroes for their fight in arena, I can feel that gang make many friends, so I joined the gang, if you want to build their own gang, the best money more save points it first. 5, Knowledge Q & A: This feature is considered to experience the task of white, can do 5 a day, get answers to your level of experience and has a relationship with the speed of the question, but if you answer the correct rate of 50% or more , then your experience should be likened to a door division to come much faster, to find the right way to go to Imperial College Yenching palm lok, which need to Dragon Magic Dragon Island to find the same charge of the first cliff lok. Mastered the task of the game after the main process, but it is still relatively easy to use. Difficulty may be in the beginning, I personally think that the beginning of the first martial arts skills, do not rush to upgrade, it although this Daguai faster, and less likely to die, but the upgrade time significantly reduced, it is best to upgrade the late martial arts skills, because at that time could easily kill a strange experience to be a lot of martial arts is relatively easy to upgrade, and upgrade the martial arts also need a lot of money, has always been a relatively poor early period, when the economy or the need to save, and the money out part of the Chamber of Commerce to buy reasonably priced green containers, can also increase the defense that he can take it again after the use of hands, anyway, do not lose money, this is my little experience in playing games, and other high-level experience to come soon , and upgrade the martial arts much easier. Late should be noted, is to give ourselves to come and go out to sell the equipment to play. General is the way the sale of two ways, one is a direct channel to show outcry in the camp, people usually ask about price, this time we can talk about each other slowly, and the other way is there to buy a Chamber of Commerce booths, the equipment can be put on sale to sell, in general, is 60,000 a month rent money, but selling items need to charge fees, the cost is generally borne by the buyers, so sellers with the attention to this, runescape moneycan not the price is too high to engage in, or with tax money, and that the cost of an item, but buyers can not afford a little known, but the game will give a general system equipment, guide price, the user can see the equipment, property on this basis up and down, there is that you can look at the market, selling the same equipment, other users see the price, is called to know ourselves, so that the business will be booming, I have little money, are basically relying on the fortune, do not believe we went to trial try to ensure that your surprises; finally talk about some personal thoughts on the game. This is a great game theme, creativity is relatively fresh, but I feel this game can only be considered a semi-finished products. I think there are great prospects for development in the future, now is the 1.0 version of the Crown, I heard that version 2.0 will soon be out, I heard that function and other areas will have greatly improved the … … Oh. But still love this game, because I like martial arts games, Aiwujiwu it.