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Weapon Types of Runescape(1)

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

To increase your character’s combat efficiency, you must be able to weild and use better weapons. As the quality of the metal improves, weapons require a higher attack level(Runescape powerleveling) to use. Some weapons are faster than others, some have different attack styles, and some hit harder than others. You might, if you’re a member, be able to get a weapon with a special attack on it, an attack that does a special effect, like hitting twice or increased damage. It is important that you know what the differences are between weapons, and their different attributes and specialties.
Dagger Stab, Slash 

The dagger is the fastest melee weapon in Runescape, at the cost of power. Members can poison daggers and thus make them more effective.

Hatchet Slash, Crush 

The hatchet is mainly used in woodcutting, but can be used as a weapon(Runescape Gold) if need be. It is slower than a dagger but is a little bit more powerful.
Mace Stab, Crush
The mace has the same speed of a hatchet and has about the same power. Maces, however, have a bonus to prayer and can be decent in some situations. The dragon mace is better than normal since it has a special attack which increases the damage dealt by quite a bit. Maces have a “controlled” attack style.

lakes Runescape Raiders game

Monday, December 6th, 2010

The basic operation of the game and the combat system at the beginning of teaching, she has detailed instructions, so not going to repeat here, a brief look at internal strength and dodge. Internal strength rating determines your hand when the number of combat; internal strength to 0 when five cards in hand, the number of hand per level plus one. Dodge rating when fighting for special licensing decision probability of dodge for the time rate of 0 5% chance per level after an increase of 5%. Hunting can improve internal strength and dodge, treasure hunt can enhance internal strength, herbs can enhance the dodge. Here are some of the skills. There are eight skills in the game: theft, Disguise, reconnaissance, hunting, treasure hunting, Fuqin, business, medical treatment. Theft: theft of money from other people or objects. The probability of successful theft of Runescape Gold decision by both parties; theft failure will reduce the degree of prestige and goodwill, and turning the fight directly to: the failure of theft will not enter the battle, there is not much use. Runescape Gold Reconnaissance: “theft” and “turning the” failure, there is not much use. Hunting: hunting for 30 arrows (not the skills of those who are 20); also some special events that may affect the trigger. Treasure Hunt: Treasure Hunt and herbs to double the success rate (this skill is useful, in particular, the success rate of such herbs close to 100%, allowing you to shortage of money in the early Buzhi Yu); also trigger special events that may affect . Fuqin: Let Fuqin game becomes easier because Fuqin can increase the understanding, so this skill can be considered useful. Business: One of the most useful skill, allowing you to buy low sell high, with this skill can even make money buying and selling in the pawnshop. Health: One of the most useful skills, fighting back the current HP every round of 5%. Wu Ming Raiders after listening to the beginning of the systematic introduction, you can freely move. In the third and fifth day when someone will come to you were to eat and Huang Jing, very simple, appropriate compensation is not high, mainly to familiarize yourself with the operation of hunting and herbs. Can get by Wu Ming Liu Xiaofeng, Yang Guo and ruthless protagonist card; start a new game after the time the three of them can be selected as the protagonist. Therefore, we must first try and good relations with the three of them; and then follow the steps below to get to their main character stuck! Lu Xiaofeng protagonist card: In the game to fifteen days to go, someone will find you go to the casino to try his luck, this time must choose “yes”, then win or lose will be a prerequisite to meet the Sikongzhaixing story. Sikongzhaixing in the casino to see the trigger after the story to meet the conditions to obtain a card,runescape money the protagonist Liu Xiaofeng. Miss Sikongzhaixing how to do? It does not matter, you still have a chance! In the game, when the third ten days (if you’re on the road this time, then this event is bound to miss), there will be waiter to find your specialty to Chang’s “peach” to the Chang matter that is four times seven kiwi … … XXVIII buy it back to him, that wood will be in the Wudang Taoist reward to find someone to play chess.Runescape Gold Wudang Taoist came to be found after the wood, he will find you life and death of solving a simple problem (the so-called simple, which refers to the Go … … For most players, this game should be more difficult, and recommended to the archive.) After the acquisition will unlock the “Tai Chi sword” (useful for the early martial arts), after the protagonist of cards to satisfy the conditions to obtain a Lu Xiaofeng. When a good impression on you and Liu Xiaofeng, when exceeds a certain value, will first play a treasure hunt game, and some fighting with his bumbling, there is a certain probability to get the protagonist stuck Lu Xiao Feng (empty-handed? Defeat? Not matter Can get the card is a random event, the result has nothing to do with the … …);