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Runescape Guide for Attack

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Luminescent icefiend

According to the smuggler, the icefiend uses magic and ranged attacks with equal proficiency. Its special attack makes icicles fall on you, and is extremely powerful. The special attack begins when the icefiend encases itself in ice, and you see something elevates from it. To avoid its special attack, run around until the attack ceases (preferably in circles to avoid running where you’ve already been. If you get hit, you will lose a lot of life points, but never enough to kill you, although the icefiend’s regular attack following it might kill you. We provide Runescape powerleveling for you.

11 Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz

Strong against magic and range attack, weak against melee. However, he is in an ice-covered room which makes it hard for melee fighters to move around. It will occasionally push players backwards, so just slide back to it and continue fighting. It uses a mix of ranged, magic and melee attacks in Runescape. It is effective for members to use a melee summon, which will not be affected by the ice.

17 To’Kash the Bloodchiller

Uses melee and magic attacks in game(runescape money). Weak against magic, especially fire based spells. Its special attack will encase you in ice. To’Kash will then break the ice, dealing somewhat high damage in the process. If you’re part of a team, a team member can break you free from the ice, which will not deal any damage at all and help you save food. It may also drain your prayer points, but only if you are using a protection prayer, so you can still use other prayers without having it drained. Before he uses the prayer drain attack.