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Armour Types in Runescape(1)

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Along with the large, 5 star menu of weaponry there comes a selection of armour in Runescape. Each piece has its own strengths and weaknesses. Learning what these strengths and weaknesses of armour can give you an advantage in a battle. Like weapons( Runescape Money ), you will need a higher defence level to be able to wear armour made out of better types of metal.

There are generally two types of helmets in game(Runescape powerleveling), the full helmet and the medium helmet. The full helmet offers better defensive bonuses and give slight decreases to rangers. The medium helmet is a little less armoured than the full helmet, but rangers have no penalties from wearing these.


Like helmets, there are two types of shields, square shields and kite shields. Square shields have a good defence against stabbing and slashing attacks but have a low defence against crushing attacks. The kite shield has a higher defence against slashing and crushing attacks, but a lower defence against stabbing attacks. Note that you can’t have a shield equipped at the same time as a two-handed weapon, like the halberd. Magical staves are not considered two-handed and can be used with shields or other off-hand weaponry.

Runescape: Wilderness to Improve

Monday, August 9th, 2010

 However, the introduction of the forum, learned a lot. Grammar and spelling have signifigantly improved understanding of the game(Runescape Money) is also greatly increased and has helped many players and, most importantly, met so many wonderful players.The forum more than once, is such a close community.
To take you forever from the appearance of map if you want to play an hour a day + get a light every second, you need 4.2 days to get from 1-99. If you get a lamp, a day would take nearly 42 years to reach level(Runescape Powerleveling) 99.
Runescape gone through many changes. Never had enough experience to fully understand the loss of wilderness at the time. Infact, to know where to Falador ah! (No, this is not a thread to complain about the loss of the wilderness). Because we love crush the dream of) If you want to get 99 farming weed rake, you will need to weed rake 3,258,608. Master is only about 35 lights. Do not like it was not the Master, such as lights go, until we heard the overheating. Then grind to 43 real fast. Now all the lights to runecrafting.